1. Wrecker Engine Ignition System The role of the wrecker engine's ignition system in engine operation is to provide enough voltage at the right time to generate sufficient spark plugs at any engine speed and engine load. Sparks the air-fuel mixture in the cylinder to give the engine the best combustion efficiency. The basic system of the ignition system includes the power supply (battery), ignition triggering device, ignition timing control device, high voltage generator (high voltage coil), high voltage electric distribution device (distributor plate), high voltage wire and spark plug. The modern ignition advancement device has been controlled by the engine management computer. The computer collects the engine speed, intake manifold pressure or air flow, throttle position, battery voltage, water temperature, knock, etc. to calculate the optimal ignition. Timing ahead of time, and then issue an ignition signal, to achieve the purpose of controlling the ignition timing. The modification of the ignition system is to make up for the deficiency of the original ignition system. The goal of the modification is to shorten the time required for magnetization, increase the secondary voltage, reduce the flashover voltage, increase the spark period, and reduce the transmission loss.
2. Modification of Wrecker's Bumper Wrecker's bumper is usually made of sturdy steel bars and has a very good anti-collision ability. However, with the continuous evolution of wreckers, the anti-collision frame gradually becomes "shrinking". As a result, the exterior is surrounded by beautiful plastics, and the collision avoidance capability has been greatly reduced. For demanding owners, the anti-collision stands are important conversion components.
At present, the materials used for refitting the anti-collision frame can be divided into plastic, stainless steel, tension steel and aluminum alloy. The plastic is very soft and will not have any impact on srs, so it is particularly favored by the vehicle manufacturer and is often sold as an original option. Plastic bumpers like the original rover, lc100, lc90, pajero, etc. are all plastic.
In order to meet the needs of wrecker owners, wrecker manufacturers have to order bull bars (but still call wreckers' own name) from a powerful anti-collar factory, such as in Europe, dakar bull bars and The oz alloy wheels are one of the original lc90 prado accessories; in Australia, the aussie bull bar is one of the original accessories for the rav4, lc90 prado and lc100. Because the needs of the market are different, in the United States and the Middle East, owners will buy their own required bull bars. Many vehicle owners have removed the original plastic bull bars of their top cars and replaced them with protective bull bars.
3. When the wrecker's exhaust pipe is changed, the most popular modification part is the non-exhaust pipe. It seems that after installing a large-diameter and amazingly sound exhaust pipe, the vehicle will run faster. In fact, this is a Misunderstandings. The replacement of the exhaust pipe can be said to be minimal for horsepower improvement, especially for natural intake vehicles with small displacements, and it is quite difficult to clearly feel the increase in horsepower. On the contrary, large-diameter exhaust tail drums have a considerable influence on the loss of low-speed torque, but the smoother exhaust gas at high speeds is understandable for power improvement. The material of the exhaust pipe itself, the design of the pipeline, whether the interior of the pipe wall is smooth, and whether the design of the silencing cylinder can form a good back pressure are all important factors that affect the effect of the exhaust pipe.
A well-designed exhaust pipe can take a considerable price to complete. Under the premise that the engine has not been substantially modified, replacing the exhaust pipe only is not effective.
4. Wrecker Turbo Refitting For the owner of a turbocharged vehicle driving a wrecker, there is a modification that we strongly encourage to retrofit. This is the turbotimer. Since the turbine itself generates a very high temperature when it is actuated, if the engine stalls immediately after driving, rapid cooling will have a certain degree of damage to the turbine. In addition, the rotating floating bearings of the impeller in the turbine are used to inject, lubricate and dissipate the engine oil. If the engine stalls immediately after stop, the oil will stop supplying immediately, and the bearings will still rotate at high speed. As a result, the life of the bearings will be greatly reduced, and the turbines will also be shortened.
Therefore, when we are driving a turbocharged vehicle, it is best to let the engine run for 3-5 minutes at idle before turning off the engine. If you think this is a bit time consuming, then it is recommended that you install a delay stop device. This timing device performs this 3-5 minute work for you. In general, the installation of a delay-extinguishing device does not have any adverse effect on the vehicle's own line.
Apart from delaying the extinguishing device, there is a good modification item for the wrecker turbocharged vehicle that is the pressure relief valve. Usually the pressure relief valve can be divided into two kinds: intake pressure relief and exhaust pressure relief. The exhaust pressure relief valve is mostly used on high-powered vehicles, and the price is also higher. Here, we refer to the pressure relief valve. Specifically refers to the intake pressure relief valve. When the turbine is actuated, internal pressure will be extremely high. Although the turbine body has a hole for releasing high-pressure gas, it is still insufficient in the face of continuous supercharging, and the high-pressure gas can be quickly released by the pressure relief valve. To facilitate the next booster action. This not only protects the turbine but also eliminates part of the turbo lag phenomenon.
5. Wrecker Engine Modification The most effective way to improve the wrecker's power performance is the modification of the wrecker engine system. The first is the modification of the wrecker computer. As the existing wreckers are becoming more and more sophisticated, speed control, speed limit, ignition timing, and air-fuel ratio adjustment are all sent to the trip computer. The so-called modified wrecker computers only replace the control chip. With different settings, the performance of the vehicle has been improved. Change the computer to the speed and speed of the original factory to be lifted, but use more attention.
The wrecker engine is in a state of high rotation speed for a long time, which has a serious impact on the internal parts of the wrecker. If the speed limit is lifted, the enjoyment of the speed of the HD obstacle car will accelerate the reduction of engine use. life. As for the lifting of restrictions on the safety of the original factory, we do not agree with it from the perspective of safety. Because every car is delivered from the factory, the original factory will have certain restrictions on the speed according to the performance and structure of the vehicle itself. Safety first is the main consideration of this move. If the owner frees the speed limit, when the speed reaches the critical point of the vehicle itself, some conditions are not what you and I can control.
6. The refitting of wrecker vehicles is an important vehicle for the safety of wreckers and an important part of wrecker modifications.
Recent developments in light bulbs have tended to change colors. That is, the traditional orange yellow light is gradually replaced by a blue-white high color temperature light. Most of these bulbs are made by adding one or more layers of ion crystal coating on the glass tube of a halogen bulb (only a few micrometers to tens of micrometers of titanium and tantalum plating) to filter different wavelengths of radiation and create different lights. Color effect. Such as various gold bulbs, pale light, two-color light bulbs and so on. However, if the coating process is not good or the number of layers is too large, the actual light output power of the light bulb will be greatly reduced, which will directly lead to the situation of poor lamp range and effect, and even worse, it will not be comparable to the original unimproved one. The light bulbs in the factory are eventually decorated as decorations. You should pay more attention to this point so as not to outweigh the gains. Technology continues to improve with the emergence of more powerful xeon bulbs. It is made by injecting more active helium into the original halogen bulb. In addition to the natural blue-white high-color temperature light, the xenon lamp also improves the lamp's electro-optical energy conversion efficiency due to its lower heat transfer capacity (30% less heat than typical halogen bulbs), making the lamp more luminous. More dazzling. Some xenon bulbs even with a good coating technology to further increase the color temperature of light, become the best in the modified light bulb, but the relative price will be more expensive.

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