How to play lights when the garbage truck is driving at night

Low beam usage conditions:

1 The low beam should be turned on before starting the vehicle at night;

2 At night, when narrow roads, narrow bridges and non-motorized vehicles are used, low-beam lights should be used instead. This should be paid attention to. It is understood that many non-motor vehicles are caused by the glare of the car and the moment is dark after the car passes. Panic and fell, hurt;

3 At night, if there is no light on the road, when the speed is lower than 30 km/h, the low beam light can be used. At this time, the light must be 35 meters, when the speed of the garbage truck is higher than 40 km/hour, The lights must be 120 meters away.

4 When driving in front of the car at night, the rear car should be changed from high beam to low beam;

5 When driving on the highway, in case of fog, rain, snow, dust, hail, etc., when the visibility is less than 200 meters, the low beam light should be turned on at the same time instead of the high beam light; 6. The night car should be at a distance. Use low beams instead of 150 meters away from the car in the opposite direction. 7. Use low beams when driving on roads with good lighting conditions at night. 7. Garbage trucks should be used when driving on roads with good lighting conditions at night. Lights.

The specific operation method of the turn signal switch is shown in the instruction manual. Garbage vehicle turn signal is amber, one for left and right, for use in steering. According to China's road access regulations, the vehicle is turning, turning, changing lanes, overtaking, and parking aside. Next, turn on the corresponding direction of the turn signal in advance to remind the rear and side vehicles and pedestrians attention, brake light is red, one on the left and right side of the body, the brightness is stronger than the turn signal, the car automatically opens when braking, to remind The rear vehicle is decelerated in a timely manner, the reversing light is white, and each one of the left and right ends of the vehicle is automatically opened when reversing.


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