In recent years, China’s automobile manufacturing industry has grown at an average rate of 24.5%. In the first quarter of 2013, China’s total vehicle production and sales volume has exceeded 5 million, and it is expected to exceed 20 million vehicles throughout the year. With the rapid growth of China's auto ownership, the auto parts industry has also developed rapidly.

Under this market scale, there are currently more than 350,000 car maintenance companies in China, of which 250,000 are just “roadside shops” that change oil and change three filters. There are 100,000 relatively regular repair workshops. Around home, there are more than 700,000 suppliers supplying parts for these 350,000 repair shops or companies. It seems that in China, both repair shops and spare parts suppliers have huge numbers. However, according to the experience of European and American auto aftermarkets, most companies in this area will be integrated and eliminated, and the market will be in the hands of a few large-scale enterprises.

To be among these few ranks, both repair shops and component suppliers are building their own brands. However, the change of the maintenance factory as a terminal market deserves our attention, and it is precisely because their upgrading will bring opportunities to component suppliers.

A brand-name repair shop with a certain scale is not a priority to “pay attention to the supply channels of parts and components and profit margins,” but instead pays attention to the “quality” of parts. The relevant association conducted a survey on the parts and components of the maintenance plant, and obtained the following data. The attention of the maintenance plant on parts and components: the concern value of quality is 90%, ranking first; the concern value of fast delivery is 85%. The value of the after-sales service is 70%; and the concern of the supply channel and profit space guarantee is 45%, ranking last.

According to the analysis, with the gradual maturity of Chinese consumers and the clear and inelastic provisions of the "car three bags law" on the automobile after-sales service market, higher service requirements have been put forward for auto maintenance companies. These requirements are directly reflected in the With the strict quality control requirements, combined with other factors such as “quality can bring profits”, the quality of parts and components is a priority for maintenance companies that want to become brands.

Recently, the 2013 China International Auto Parts Expo opened in Beijing. Well-known companies from all over the world participated in this exhibition. The EU exhibition area is the biggest winner of this exhibition with its good reputation for the quality of auto parts over the years. According to relevant sources, the continuous decline in the prices of raw materials for auto parts such as rubber and steel will reduce the company’s cost pressure and increase profitability. It will also constitute a new advantage for auto parts companies. The quality of raw materials determines auto parts. The quality of automotive components determines the fate of the industry.

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