"Now, as users demand higher quality of commercial vehicles, our production equipment and processes are also gradually moving in line with cars." This is a reporter in Anhui Hualing Xingma Automobile (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "China"). Ling Xingma), heard the most general description of the relationship between automotive equipment and manufacturing.

On August 12th, the reporter visited Hualing Xingma visited and visited its main stamping, welding, painting and assembly line, and interviewed the heads of the company’s production process department, power equipment department, and quality management department. With his own company's equipment experience, he chatted with reporters about current domestic auto equipment.

“The stability, reliability, and precision of manufacturing equipment have a great influence on our work efficiency and the quality of the manufactured vehicles. So in our workshop, the key process parts, such as welding equipment, spray paint, etc. Japan, Germany's equipment is used." Renhuan Rong, Minister of Valin Xingma Power Equipment, told reporters.

At the same time, Ren Changrong emphasized that this is a frustrating move for car manufacturers: “We are not simply pursuing foreign equipment or imported equipment. In many cases, this is a helpless choice. If there is a comparable domestic product, To meet the requirements of our equipment suppliers, we are willing to use domestic equipment instead of foreign ones. The key is that these equipment must ensure that the quality of the cars we produce is reliable and consistent."

Indeed, as a young truck company, Valin Xingma does not have too much preconception about the "origin" of the equipment. During the visit, the reporter found that the truck company in Maanshan, Anhui Province was very “pragmatic” when it came to selecting equipment: whether it can maximize production efficiency and optimize vehicle quality at the most appropriate cost.

Foreign equipment: occupy key points

Entering the Hualing heavy truck's welding shop, we will see rows of neat robots, all of which are Japanese Komatsu's welding robots.

This is only a side. Ren Changrong told reporters that in addition to the welding equipment, the paint shop also used the German Dole painting equipment, and the circulating water system also used the Japanese Ebara's equipment. “The appearance of the truck is also very important. After using the equipment of Toure, our trucks are as good as a car.”

Of course, it is not common to use the entire foreign production line in Hualing Xingma. More generally, in the procurement of equipment, the core components of a certain production line, such as electrical appliances, hydraulic components, and industrial control systems, are required to have a clear "brand" requirement. These brands have a reputation in a certain area. For example, Omron, Schneider, Nord's electrical appliances, Rexroth's hydraulic control systems, and ABB, Siemens's automatic control system.

"The performance of these components is very stable, although the price is high, but it is very necessary for the automakers of assembly line operations. If the normal production due to the fault, the loss caused by unpredictable. So we pay attention to equipment failures in the procurement Frequency, production safety and stability." Ren Changrong said.

According to Ren Changrong, in addition to the accuracy and stability of the hardware itself, the strengths of foreign equipment lie in its intelligent software control system. "For example, the core control system of our press still has to choose Siemens. Everyone's advice for the control system of manufacturing equipment is also to use foreign brands, and more confidence. And his after-sales service is also very thoughtful, every year on our equipment Management staff carry out special training."

However, the foreign equipment is not "full of color", at least the reporter obtained information from Hualing Xingma: First, the price is too high, is 2 to 3 times that of domestic similar equipment, even from the perspective of the entire life cycle does not account Advantages; Second, the maintenance service beyond the warranty period is more “dogmatic”, the price is expensive, spare parts acquisition time is longer; Third, some equipment can not meet China's national conditions, such as for heavy truck companies, the test line can withstand The weight should be more flexible.

This actually gave domestic equipment manufacturers an opportunity.

Domestic equipment: Can't just be silly

In the fast-moving automobile manufacturing field, even if foreign equipment occupies an advantage in value, domestic equipment still has its own space.

The reporter saw the press of Jinan No. 2 Machine Tool, the robot of Xinsong in Shenyang, the screwing machine of Dexin, the shearing machine of Hubei Tri-ring Forging Group, the 12-meter automatic CNC machine, and the Yangzhou gold in the production line of Hualing Xingma. Fangyuan's CNC punching machines and other domestic equipment.

"These are all domestic first-class suppliers of automotive equipment. They are not only doing well at home but also exporting to other countries." Ren Changrong told reporters, "But it should be noted that the core components or control systems of most machines also depend on foreign countries. Suppliers or domestic joint ventures."

Ren Changrong believes that the weakness of domestic equipment lies in the key components and software control systems. The advantages lie in those devices that do not require high accuracy.

Everything for the quality of the vehicle

"When choosing equipment, we certainly will not go to do mice. We must inquire. Others use it well. We only use it. In the final analysis, it is to guarantee the quality of the entire vehicle we produce." Deputy Director of Management Gao Fei told this reporter.

Gao Fei told reporters that automakers are only interested in "fitting" their own equipment that can improve the quality of the entire vehicle.

For example, in the four-wheel positioning equipment with high precision and technical requirements, Valin Automotive decisively chose Sweden's Truckcam's 4-wheel positioning system.

"Strictly speaking, our heavy truck is 8 wheel alignment, which requires higher accuracy. Once it is not done well, it is prone to 'running bias', 'abortion', high fuel consumption, etc., and serious will affect vehicle safety. There are also four-wheel alignment equipment in the country, ranging in price, but generally they all imitate the appearance and technology of foreign equipment, or buy some key systems from abroad, and there is no way to guarantee its accuracy." Gao Fei said.

The reporter saw in the workshop that the inspection line of Valin Automotive used a 15-ton test line produced by Shenzhen Constable. Gao Fei told reporters that he had also considered the import inspection line at the beginning, but after many inquiries and repeated consideration, he chose domestic equipment.

"On the one hand, foreign equipment is sometimes not suitable for China's national conditions. For example, we buy a 15-ton test line. It is very strict and certainly cannot detect vehicles with more than 15 tons, but we also have more than 15 tons of mine dump trucks. Line detection; although the domestic equipment is 15 tons, but it can measure 18 tons, there is a space; on the other hand, this test line on the Cosborne, all the motor, measurement tools are imported equipment used in foreign countries As long as we set the data accurately, the detection accuracy is completely fine."

Judging from the Hualing Xingma’s automobile manufacturing equipment, both foreign and domestic companies have their own advantages and disadvantages, but domestic equipment is lacking in the “core”. Ren Changrong pointed out: "The domestic equipment manufacturers must seize the opportunity to gradually make a fine, core part, both hardware and software, such as industrial robots, to their own control systems and core components. With these, I believe that domestic Automobile manufacturers are also willing to choose domestic equipment."

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