High-altitude truck drivers are in a hurry and once they get in to get to another destination, they rarely stop halfway. There are many drivers who are restricted or inconvenienced by work and cannot guarantee timely and sufficient drinking water, leaving their bodies in Mild dehydration state (urine was yellow when urine was slightly dehydrated), urine concentration, prone to urethritis, cystitis, plus long-term to maintain the same posture, more prone to prostatitis.

Doctors recommend: The operator of high-altitude trucks should pay attention to work and rest, pay attention to replenish water, and make their own bodies in good condition. In addition, in addition to reducing the series of problems caused by urine condensate With more visits to the toilet several times, the driver can take this opportunity to stretch his muscles and relax himself, so that the body can have a space for ease.

The Semi Pneumatic tire is an improved heavy duty design include a customer Locked Tire design which creates a true one piece wheel assembly. The Semi Pneumatic utilizes enhanced rubber technology which reduces shock and lowers vibration. Close tire tolerances insure a smoother ride and improved performance on small equipment

Gainran is a leading producer of original equipment and aftermarket industrial belts, specialty tires and wheels for agriculture, all-terrain, construction, industry, lawn, garden, oil, outdoor, powersports, recreation, towable trailers and transportation.  Since 2001, TIANHAI's culture of converting great ideas to great products has given rise to a legacy of product innovation, quality and customer satisfaction.   

1. pneumatic wheel/barrow tire/barrow tyre/wheelbarrow wheel/ Tool Cart wheel/Hand Trolley wheel

Wide Range of Use: for Wheel Barrow,hand trolley,tool cart,dustbin,lawnmover,equipment ,machine etc

2. pneumatic wheel=Tyre + Tube + Rim assembled

2.1. Tyre Layer: 2ply,4ply,6ply and more

Tyre Pattern: LUG,Direct,Diamond flower,Big Flower and more

Tyre Colour: Black,Grey etc

2.2. Inner Tube Material: Natural rubber and Butyl rubber

Inner Tube Rubber Percentage: 20%,30%,40% and more

2.3. Rim Material: Steel powder and Plastic

Rim Colour: Reb,Black, White ,Grey,Yellow,Blue,Zinc plated etc

Rim Model: Bolted rim,Welded rim,Centered rim,Offset rim

3. Main Size:

a) 16" x 6.50-8    b) 16" x 4.50-8   c) 16" x 4.00-8   d) 15" x 6.00-6   e) 14" x 3.50-8

f) 13" x 5.00-6    g) 13" x 3.25/3.00-8   h) 13" x 4.00-6    i) 12" x 3.50-6

j) 12"x3.50-5    k) 11" x 4.00-4      l) 10" x 4.10/3.50-4    m) 10" x 3.00-4

n) 8"x 2.50-4    o) 200 x 50         p) 6" x 2"

Size: 2.50-4  3.00-4    3.50-4    4.00-4   4.00-6   3.25-8     4.00-8 etc.

Size: 8",10",14",16" etc.

Other Sales Information:

1. Our Advantage:

1.1. We have own factory for Rubber Wheel ,Solid Wheel,Flat Free Wheel,Motorcycle Tyre,Wheelbarrow Tyre,Inner Tube etc. we can control the quality better.

1.2. Currently our equipments,various of mould etc,are most advanced here.

1.3. We can design the new products in accordance with the special needs of customers.

 semi pneumatic wheelssemi Pneumatic Wheels

We can supply you other kinds/models rubber wheels(pneumatic wheel/solid wheel/PU wheel) for wheel barrow/hand trolley.

Pattern for tyre: Can be according to your requiremetns.

Rim/hub for wheel: Steel/plastic rim;offset/no offset hub can be available.

Semi-Pneumatic Wheel

Semi-Pneumatic Wheel, Semi Pneumatic Wheels, Semi Pneumatic Tires, Semi Pneumatic Tyre

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