The virtual reality simulator can help promote more British athletes to the world's major events.
BAE Systems, Inc., more products and services for aerospace and safety, not sports teams, are working on techniques to help athletes improve their games. As part of this plan, BAE Systems engineers use what they know as the Rio route to help athletes prepare for the 2016 Olympic Games in Brazil. BAE is working with British Sports and the company said earlier this month that it will continue to serve as a research partner for British Sports at the next Olympic Games in Brazil. This will give athletes in summer and winter sports access to cutting-edge technology. The British Sports Authority announced that cooperation between the two parties and 18,000 engineers using smart technology could increase the chances of winning gold medals in future Olympic and Paralympic Games.
One center of the BAE input is an emulator that involves techniques such as depth-sensing cameras, motion sensors, and eye-gazing tracking to generate virtual enemies that can counter real athletes in the Olympic Taekwondo team for training purposes. Taekwondo athletes and their virtual opponents can develop new skills, through repeated shocks, while reducing the risk of injury. Different types of display simulator training are being considered. One of them will be a complete holographic deck in which the user is surrounded by projected images. Every action of a real soldier will be captured and recorded after training.
In addition to Taekwondo, BAE Systems has applied knowledge of aerospace technology to help create a "revolutionary" steering wheel for British Paralympic wheelchair racing athletes. Our goal has always been to improve British rider acceleration, and the new steering wheel can increase acceleration by up to 20%. The new wheels are developed at the BAE Systems Research Center in Bristol. Researchers said that it is expected to be ready to use wheelchairs in competition next year.
BAE Systems Inc., Sports Minister Hugh Robertson, said that "the difference between success and failure in sports can often be attributed to the cutting-edge technology of the smallest marginal BAE Systems Inc., to make incredible successful running of British athletes. With contributions, and during the 2012 London Olympic and Paralympic Games, I was very happy that on the horizon, BAE Systems, in cooperation with British Sports, will continue to support our best athletes, Sochi and Rio de Janeiro."

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