The intelligent light incubator is controlled by a computer and has four functions of light illumination incubator, such as illumination, hot and cold constant temperature, day and night automatic switching program control and over temperature protection. Its intelligent control has been recognized by people in the industry. The most important function of the light incubator is to provide a suitable light level to increase the photosynthetic efficiency of the crop. The intelligent light incubator was designed according to the “International Seed Inspection Regulations of 1993” and was produced in accordance with the relevant requirements of the national industry standard JB/T6823 “Technical conditions for biological artificial climate chambers”. Full compliance with various national requirements, it is now widely used in seed germination, nursery, microbial culture, insects and small animals. Compared with artificial climate incubators, smart light incubators are slightly inferior to humidity control, and other functions are far more than those of artificial climate incubators.
The light box is mainly composed of a top cover, a studio, cooling and heating, and a bottom chamber. Each component in the entire system works cooperatively to provide good temperature control and illumination control. The specific settings during operation are as follows: 1. Period period number key: Click the period period number key to switch the display of the current operation period or the number of sections. Press and hold this key for 2 seconds to enter the period setting state, and then press and hold for two seconds to exit. 2. Set query key: Click to enter the query status, you can query the current running number of segments, set time, set temperature and set humidity, and then click this key to exit. Long press this key 2S to enter the segment number selection state. After selecting the segment number, press the key again to enter each segment parameter setting state. In the setting state, press and hold the setting query key 2S again to exit each segment parameter setting state. (When the period is set to 0 and the first period of time is 0, the first segment of the program is always run.) 3. Decrease the key: When setting the parameter, click this key to set the value minus one. Press and hold the key to set the value. Will continue to reduce; 4, increase the key, in the setting of parameters, click the key to increase the value of the set, long press the key to set the value will increase continuously; 5, return (back) key: in each paragraph of the parameter setting state Next, click this key to return to the previous parameter (you can only switch parameters for the same segment). When the alarm buzzer sounds, press this key to silence. In the operation stop state, long press this key 4S can make the controller start again from the first stage. 6. Temperature parameter (temperature) key: Long press this key 2S to enter the internal parameter state, click this key to set internal parameters, and press 2S again to exit. 7. Illumination key: Click this key to turn on the light in the box. 8. Power key: Click this key to make the controller work or enter the closed state. In each setting state, if no key is pressed within 30 seconds, the program will automatically exit to normal operation.

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