Shanghai (CNFIN.COM/XINHUA08.COM) market research firm TrendForce's Green Energy Division LEDinside released a report on the 13th that the LED packaging market in 2013 reached a value of $12.5 billion, and is expected to reach $13.39 billion in 2014, with an annual growth rate of 7 .
LEDinside believes that the LED market highlights in 2014 are still dominated by tablet and smartphone backlighting applications, and the lighting applications are most prominent in the engineering, commercial, and outdoor lighting markets.
According to LEDinside statistics, the penetration rate of LEDs for TV backlights will reach 95 in 2013. Due to the saturation of penetration and the slowdown in the growth of terminal TV sales, LEDs will face a decline in TV backlight production for the first time in 2014.
Tablet PCs are still the main growth kinetic energy in the backlight market. In 2013, tablet PCs were affected by the traditional off-season. In the third quarter, shipments were not as expected. The annual shipments were revised down to 196 million units. The annual shipment growth dropped from 33.6 at the beginning of the year to 31.1. The growth rate of computers has slowed down, but there is still much room for growth compared to other IT products. LEDinside estimates that the annual compound growth rate of LEDs in flat panel computer backlighting applications in 2013~2017 is 8.
At present, the small-pitch LED display technology has gradually matured, and LED manufacturers have begun to introduce small-pitch LED displays. In the long run, small-pitch LED displays may replace some of the TV backlight application models into commercial and mass consumer applications.
In 2014, the output value of LED packaging will increase significantly, with the most significant growth in engineering, commercial and outdoor markets. Coupled with the rising demand for LED bulbs, lamps and commercial lighting, the market demand for medium power LEDs has increased significantly. LEDinside estimates that the output of mid-power LEDs will surpass high-power LEDs in 2013 and 2014.

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