As early as 2010, the NDRC demanded that the average fuel consumption of domestic vehicles must be reduced by 15% compared with 2003. The advantages of lightweight vehicles in energy conservation have gradually been recognized by the industry. For this reason, in 2008, the Strategic Alliance for Automotive Lightweight Technology Innovation was established, and the “downsizing action” for automobiles was put on the agenda.

The lightweighting of trucks not only has important economic benefits in the automotive industry, but also reflects social and environmental benefits. The fuel consumption of a car mainly depends on the displacement of the engine and the total mass of the car. Under the premise of keeping the overall quality, performance, and cost of the car unchanged or even optimized, it can achieve low fuel consumption, carry more cargo, and be safe and efficient by reducing the weight of the vehicle itself. The ultimate goal of energy conservation and emission reduction.

The large number of applications of aluminum alloys in automobiles is one of the most important methods and methods for automotive lightweighting. An all-aluminum semi-trailer loses 3.4 tons in weight, and can save 45,000 liters of oil during the life cycle, reducing 110 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. At present, the number of heavy-duty semi-trailers in China is 1.1 million. If 80% of them can use all-aluminum vehicles and travel 150,000 kilometers per year, they can save 5.31 million tons of fuel annually. This can be calculated based on the use period of 800,000 kilometers. About 28.35 million tons of fuel is saved, and 10,000 tons of diesel fuel is 81.34 million yuan, which can save 23 billion yuan each year. At the same time, it reduces carbon dioxide emissions by about 90 million tons, which is equivalent to the amount of carbon dioxide absorbed by 250,000 hectares of broad-leaved forest.

Yutong Automotive is customer-oriented, technologically innovative in its products, adopts lightweight technology, and can achieve weight reductions of up to 3.4 tons while ensuring excellent product performance and high strength. Reliable quality, through 200,000 kilometers of cargo operations and Anhui Dingyuan Automobile Experimental Field to strengthen the bad road test validation.

The advantages of Yutong All Aluminum semitrailer are as follows:

Complete industrial chain: patented material SN350, excellent performance, one-shot extrusion, stable quality

Excellent structural design: full aluminum profile body and soleplate, only in China; easy to operate: open top, single operation, convenient loading and unloading, high efficiency

Large volume: full load-bearing structure design, the cargo plane is reduced by 140mm, and the volume of the car body is increased by 5 cubic meters.

Light weight: All-aluminum structure, lighter than similar steel vehicles by more than 3 tons, and passed light weight association technical appraisal

High strength: strong anti-rising car, can carry forklift loading and unloading; safety, high stability: full load bearing structure, vehicle center of gravity

High safety and stability load bearing structure, vehicle center of gravity, safe and stable driving

Small wind resistance: diversion design, low wind resistance, fuel economy

Provincial maintenance: No need for any anti-corrosion and anti-rust treatment, long service life; 5-10 years longer than steel car

Reliable quality: Through 200,000-kilometre cargo operation and the verification of the strengthened bad road test in Anhui Dingyuan Automobile Experimental Field

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