MagnetiMarelli's Powertrain division introduced the third-generation AMT in 2006, the automated manual transmission.

The new generation of AMT transmissions has improved significantly in terms of shifting speed and smoothness. The launch of this new product is undoubtedly the same, because it is also related to several car manufacturers: Citroen, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Opel.

This is a recent improvement of the product. This improvement was first proposed on the market when the Ferrari 355F1 was launched in 1997. The improved performance of the product can be described as “rapid”. To illustrate how big the increase is, just one data is enough: under the same conditions, the total shift time is reduced from 630 milliseconds in Fiat StiloAbarth in 2001 to 280 milliseconds in Fiat Punto in 2006.

The new generation of AMT transmissions is designed to achieve the perfect match between the new M20/32 gearbox developed jointly by Fiat/GM and the new MCP gearbox developed by the PSA Peugeot-Citroen Group.

Currently, all of the most luxurious super sports cars are equipped with MagnetiMarelli's AMT transmissions to ensure that the latter become their own unique elements in terms of performance and product image, such as some "extreme" models such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin And Audi and so on.

Key success factors for gear drive AMTs on standard vehicles are fuel savings and reduced emissions, especially carbon dioxide emissions. These two factors are well reflected in the Citroen car. Citroé¾™n announced that after the installation of MagnetiMarelli's AMT transmission, the new C4 with a 1.6-liter Hdi engine can save 5% of fuel compared to the same vehicle equipped with a manual transmission, and CO2 emissions are reduced from 125 grams per kilometer to 120 grams per kilometer. Fuel economy and emissions can be improved by up to 10% compared to vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions or DCT (dual clutch) transmissions.

In addition, another key factor is “easy to drive”: there is no need to manipulate the clutch pedal, there is no need to manipulate the accelerator pedal while shifting, and there is no need to switch to fully automatic control by selecting “automatic mode”. Crowded city traffic is very useful. All of these factors make it necessary to install MagnetiMarelli's products in practical vehicles such as RSA (Twingo, Clio, Modus), Fiat (GrandePunto, Panda, New500, LanciaY, LanciaMusa) and Corsa.

Light commercial vehicles are another growing application area for MagnetiMarelli's AMT transmissions, which are currently used in DaimlerChrysler's Sprinter, Volkswagen Crater, Renault's Traffic and Master, Opel's Movano, and in several It will also be installed in Fiat's Ducato after the month.

“Easy to drive”, fuel-efficient and emission-reducing factors have contributed directly to the growth potential that has been shown in the past few years. The success of MagnetiMarelli's AMT transmission in Asian countries is due to the application of the vehicle: crowded Transportation, high water discharge Marelli made the right choice a few years ago: non-professional drivers dedicated to the promotion of hydraulic AMT transmissions for "driver friendly" equipment. The demand for hydraulic systems and the like makes the AMT transmission a natural choice for today's development in these countries with great potential in terms of power and accuracy. It has become the most and all product improvement in the Chinese market and is driven only by the control switch: therefore Chery, one of the important manufacturers, will have a new and important functional improvement in its utility model in the next few years. The products of MagnetiMarelli are installed on QQ.

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