"If you haven't traveled abroad and haven't had a chance to take a look at some of the well-known heavy-duty truck factories in Europe and America, then please look at the new base in Shaanxi Auto. Shaanxi Auto represents the world level of today's heavy trucks." This is the October 30th speech of Zhang Xiaokai, vice president of the China Federation of Machinery Industry, at a meeting to mark the 60th anniversary of Weichai's establishment. It is also the fourth time that Vice President Zhang Xiaokai has been on a large-scale occasion for three months. Highly praised the development of the new Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Base and Shaanxi Automobile Group.

The first time, on July 20, 2006, when Shaanxi Automobile released the first brand declaration for the heavy truck industry in the solemn Great Hall of the People, Vice President Zhang Xiaozhao said that after 38 years of hard work, Shaanxi Automobile has become the whole China's commercial vehicle industry is an irreplaceable important production base. The second time was on August 8th, Zhang Xiaoxuan said at the press conference of the first session of the “Shaanxi Steam Cup” national truck loading and priming skill competition that the new base of Shaanqi’s 3,400 acres of land could produce at least 1 million yuan if it was to produce cars. Vehicles, and for the sake of national and economic security, Shaanxi Auto has always made heavy commercial vehicles its own leading product and made important contributions to the country. The third time was on September 28th. After accompanied by Zhang Xiaozheng, who participated in the “Shaanxi Steam Cup” national first-hand truck loading and unloading vocational skill competition finals, and was accompanied by Zhang Yupu, chairman of Shaanxi Automobile Group, he visited Shaanxi Automobile Commercial. The four new process units for stamping, welding, painting and assembly of the new car base heard a detailed introduction from Chairman Zhang Yupu and witnessed the new base of Shaanxi Auto fully absorbing domestic and foreign advanced production processes, adopting the most advanced foreign equipment and robots, The image of the domestic and international advanced modern commercial vehicle company. Zhang Xiaoji gave a high evaluation to Shaanxi Auto's comprehensive technological transformation and construction of a first-rate domestic new base and breakthrough in production capacity. He hopes Shaanxi Auto will develop and build this world-class heavy truck base.

Why did Vice President Zhang Xiaokai give such a high opinion to the development of Shaanxi Automobile Group and the construction of new base?

Shaanxi Auto New Base is located in Xi'an Industrial Park, Xi'an Economic and Technological Development Zone. It covers an area of ​​3,400 mu, including a 50 million U.S. Cummins engine joint venture project and a heavy truck company with a total investment of 1.98 billion yuan, Axle Corporation, and the Automotive Engineering Institute. Management center and public facilities. The first-phase project of Shaanxi Auto Heavy Duty Truck Co., Ltd. is based on the design principle of catching up with the international advanced level and carefully builds a high-quality heavy truck manufacturing platform. The advanced level can be comparable to a world-class truck company. The heavy truck company's stamping, assembly welding, painting and general assembly of automobiles are U-shaped conjoined workshops. Through connecting corridors, parts are transported by mechanized transmission chains, completely avoiding loading and unloading. The four process units and supporting facilities fully absorb domestic and foreign advanced production technologies. The key parts adopt the most advanced foreign equipment and robots, such as the punching processing water production line consisting of 1,600 tons of double-acting hydraulic presses imported from Japan, Sweden ABB spot welding robots and Arc welding robot workstation, welding group control system, central monitoring system. In particular, the 475-meter modern automobile assembly line equipped with the most advanced centralized incineration treatment system introduced from Germany and equipped with advanced torque-equipment imported from Europe, USA and Japan, various standard tools, vacuum pumping equipment and other advanced equipment. The auto interior assembly assembly skateboarding assembly line made with Germany AFT Company was first developed and applied in the domestic truck industry. It highlights the features of advanced technology, excellent equipment, high degree of automation, high efficiency and safety, energy saving and environmental protection, and guarantees the product The overall quality has reached the international advanced level, creating a domestic first-class, internationally advanced commercial vehicle company image.

Shaanxi Automobile Commercial Vehicle Industrial Park adopts the modernization model of the new industrial park contracted by the production area and the living area respectively. In only one and a half years, a modern heavy-duty truck factory and a high-grade hot spring panoramic ecological living area are presented to the people. The speed is amazing. In accordance with the principle of unified planning, phased construction, and rolling development, they have ample room for development in the layout of stamping, welding, painting, and assembly of automotive assembly plants. This not only changed the past schedule, but also caused chaos on the construction site. The status of the company has created excellent conditions for the second-phase project and future development, laying a solid foundation. Auto experts said with emotion that Shaanxi Auto has built such a large and advanced heavy truck production base in such a short period of time, and that it is a miracle to realize the shift of focus and normal production in the industry. More media hailed this speed of construction as "Shaanxi's speed."

Shaanxi Auto's performance during the "10th Five-Year Plan" better explained the "Shaanxi Steam Speed". During the "10th Five-Year Plan" period, Shaanxi Automobile sought a breakthrough in asset restructuring and seized opportunities for development. Net assets increased from 129 million yuan in 2000 to 1.5 billion yuan in 2005, and total assets increased from 1.68 billion yuan in 2000. By the end of 2005, it was 5.156 billion yuan. With the introduction of technological innovation combined with independent development, we have broken homogenous competition. The number of products has increased from more than 100 in 2000 to more than 1,350 in 2005; A rapid response mechanism was established to speed up the production pace of the company. The average annual growth rate of automobile production and sales was 69.8%, the average annual growth rate of sales income was 46.47%, the average annual export growth rate was 154.6%, and the average annual growth rate of profits and taxes was 62.4%. It ranked among the top 500 in China for many consecutive years. In 2006, the ranking of China's top 500 mechanical companies was ranked 38th in terms of overall strength and high growth, ranking first in Shaanxi. In particular, in the first 10 months of this year, despite the fact that the production and sales of heavy trucks in the country remained stable, Shaanxi Automobile's production and sales doubled, the growth rate was the highest in the industry, and the new base played a significant role. This is the reason why Vice President Zhang Xiaokai highly praised Shaanqi’s new base.

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