Introduction: Gates and opening and closing equipment play a very important role in water conservancy and hydropower projects. How do we maintain and maintain them?

Gate and opening and closing equipment maintenance

Hydraulic metal structure equipment is one of the important equipment in water conservancy and hydropower engineering. In the past 20 years, China has built a large number of water conservancy and hydropower projects. The technical level of hydraulic metal structure equipment has greatly improved. As the main metal structure equipment, gates and opening and closing equipment are widely used in various types of water conservancy and hydropower projects, and play a very important role in the normal operation of the project and giving full play to its benefits.

In water intake and water conveyance projects, gates and opening and closing equipment are widely used in the control gates, water gates, sluice gates, and culverts, where they can be used to open and close gates to achieve their functions and benefits, and to maintain buildings. Safety.

The gate is one of the important components of hydraulic structures. It is mainly composed of three parts: the active part, the buried part, and the opening and closing equipment. It can close the building's orifice as required, and can also open the orifice partially or partially to regulate the upstream and downstream water levels and flow, thereby gaining benefits such as flood control, water supply, irrigation, and water delivery. Sluice gates are usually installed in the main roads near the water outlet and the outlet of the water intake and water supply structure. They can be used to open and close the gates flexibly and reliably to provide them with functions and benefits and to maintain the safety of the buildings.

As a part of the gate, the opening and closing device is used to operate the movement of the door leaf to achieve the purpose of opening and closing the orifice. In the water conservancy and hydropower projects, the cranes used for opening and closing gates are collectively referred to as the hoisting and closing equipment, including hoisting and closing of the gates, and cleaning of the trash racks at the intake. Hoist is a lifting device designed for opening and closing gates in hydraulic structures. Its characteristics are: large load changes, low opening and closing speeds, low working levels, and adaptability to gate operation. Special requirements.

How to maintain and maintain the gate and opening and closing equipment? Here's a brief explanation for everyone:

When the gate is opened and closed, attention should be paid to the upper and lower limit positions of the gate so as not to damage the gate or the hoist. If there is any abnormality during the opening and closing of the gate, the gate shall be immediately stopped from use and checked and disposed of in a timely manner.

The sluice gate should be rust-proofed during use, and it is required to add butter or oil once every two to three months to the components such as the bearing nut and screw of the hoist. The surface of the gate should be rusted and painted once a year. For large maintenance, the bearing part should be filled with butter to ensure that the sealing surface of the gate and the gate frame is smooth when opening and closing.

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