The process of the PC ceramic filter includes the formation of the filter cake, the dewatering of the filter cake, the filter cake removal and the backwashing treatment. The work of the PC ceramic filter is completed by the control of the PLC, which has two automatic/manual control modes. Manually start each pneumatic valve, pump, motor and other equipment. Automatic mode has automatic cleaning and automatic filtering. The automatic filtration procedure is: start the agitator and disc → start the vacuum pump (vacuum ≤ 0.7) and the filtrate pump → close the bottom drain valve → tap water supply back flush line → slurry into the filter tank → disc immersion In the pulp → filter tray vacuum → pressure difference to make the filter cake formation → filter cake dehydration → scraper scraping the filter cake from the disc → filtrate to the filter tray back to the washing → transfer belt to concentrate the concentrate into the mine bin. The height of the slurry in the tank is detected by the ultrasonic level probe. The opening and closing of the feed valve is controlled according to the test result. When the liquid level upper limit is reached, the feed is automatically stopped, and when the liquid level is lowered to the lower limit, the feed is automatically replenished. The upper and lower limits of the liquid level are set according to the production needs. The filtrate level in the filtrate tank is controlled by the detector and filtrate discharge valve. After working on a PC ceramic filter, the ceramic filter plate must be cleaned to maintain good filtration. The ceramic filter plate is cleaned by ultrasonic and acid (oxalic acid, nitric acid). The cleaning is manual or automatic. The ceramic filter has low failure rate, convenient maintenance, small installed capacity and remarkable energy saving effect. Due to the high degree of automation, effectively improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, especially the cake less water, reducing losses from railway transport concentrate, increasing the effective transport capacity

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