In the sixth competition model that I trusted for commercial vehicles, there was a “new force”—JAC Ruijiete 2.7CTI five diesel engines.

This Ruijiete 2.7L State V diesel engine independently developed by Jianghuai Automobile was officially unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in 2016. It has been carrying batches of JAC light trucks, Jianghuai Seino Europe and light passenger vehicles. In less than a year, the Ruijiete 2.7CTI engine has been widely recognized by users for its excellent performance and has performed quite "respectively."

In the light truck power, the 2.5L~3.0L displacement diesel engine is capable of carrying more "golden displacement" power. For a fully-autonomous Jianghuai Automobile, an adaptable and autonomous power will create more value. From this point of view, the Ruijiete 2.7L diesel engine has not yet been "born" and has already targeted the location of the light truck main model. It is a natural "seed player."

With the least changes in the engine to meet the needs of more models, to achieve this, the development process needs to fully understand the characteristics of the models, and consider the overall layout. The match with the model is even higher, which is the advantage of the OEM engine.

Hu Zhisheng, the project director of the diesel engine design department of JAC Engine Research Institute, participated in the entire process of the R&D of the 2.7L engine. He confirmed that at the beginning of the development of the Ruijiete 2.7L engine, there was a consideration of “one machine and many cars”.

Hu Zhisheng believes that an outstanding power is not only reflected in the excellent engine technical indicators, but also the performance of the engine in the vehicle. It also requires a lot of matching and analysis work. “We have spent a lot of energy on the precise matching of the entire vehicle drivetrain, making the Ruijiete 2.7L engine-matched Shuailing Bell and Junling Bell light truck products achieve optimal performance in terms of power and fuel economy.”

It is understood that the maximum speed of products matching the Ruijiete 2.7L engine is greater than 120km/h. The power is strong and the overtaking advantage is obvious. The actual fuel consumption of customers using 100km is about 9L, and the user evaluation of NVH is also high. These feedbacks from the actual application of the user made Hu Zhisheng very proud.

From the performance point of view, the power of the trucks such as Shuaim Bell and Jun Lingling equipped with the Ruijiete 2.7L engine is strong, and the acceleration has a sense of pushing, and the overtaking advantage is obvious; the maximum power of the engine is 112kW and the maximum torque is 355Nm, which is 5~15 higher than the similar model. %; The minimum fuel consumption reaches 202g/kWh, and the entire vehicle economical speed range is wide, covering the common driving speed conditions of the vehicle.

Adopting modular and integrated design, applying a variety of new technologies and new processes to improve the reliability of the engine, the oil machine filters 20,000 kilometers long-term maintenance mileage, and is verified by high-strength test; high-pressure common rail (1800bar) and turbocharger And the application of advanced technologies such as SCR post-processing, make the whole machine up to the national five emission standards, and have a better fuel economy; through the structural optimization design and fine calibration, to create a better NVH quality.

In the JAC engine production line, highly automated precision manufacturing, lean management of the production site, and employees' active and serious work attitude, every detail has added a lot of protection to the product quality. The next question came: What is the technical level of such an engine?

When it comes to technology, Hu Zhisheng has inexhaustibly enumerated many and many technical features. It is difficult to repeat one by one with the level of reporters. Understanding the reporter’s ambiguity, Hu Zhisheng, who was transformed into a simple style, said: “The Ruijiete 2.7L engine is the industry-leading model for the international advanced model. The product has obtained 20 invention patents, including 'a high-pressure fuel pump. Drive structure 'compared with international patents with novelty and creativity, fully demonstrates the value and level of our technological innovation."

In a word, very cow!

JAC's engine technology research and development capabilities are strong and can be reflected in many aspects: At present, the development capabilities of the three major series of gasoline engines, diesel engines, and alternative fuel engines have been formed to meet the power demand of passenger cars and commercial vehicles and different markets at home and abroad. Demand; product design CAD and CAE synchronization, full application of Pro/Intralink, PLM and other online collaborative database management software, with performance, structure, CFD, NVH and other simulation analysis capabilities; trial test validation, with one to meet the new project The flexible production line for product trial production requirements, dozens of engine test benches, multiple sets of emission testing equipment, high and low temperature environmental storage, NVH laboratory, and key component test laboratories formed mechanical development, reliability development, combustion development, and performance. The ability to develop can meet the development needs of China V/E5 emission engines.

This research and development strength has been regarded as the best in the country. Moreover, through the development of this project, the JAC engine's ability in post-processing has increased simultaneously. For JAC's technical team with strong research and development capabilities, it's even more remarkable that it is a step further.

According to reports, the general post-processing calibration development was completed by the post-processing system supplier. The JAC Ruijet 2.7L engine was unpacked for post-processing calibration development, and the post-processing program design, CAE analysis, and calibration Breakthroughs have been made in capabilities such as verification and verification, and a set of well-established analytical procedures and verification specifications have been established to develop the ability to develop application software for electronically controlled ECU systems. “The Ruijie 2.7L engine is the first time we have developed the National Five-Diesel Engine and conducted the SCR after-treatment system research. Our accumulated experience in this project has laid a good foundation for the future development of the Jianguo Huai Engine.” Hu Zhisheng said.

The Ruijiete Engine, which represents the highest level of technology of its own brand light truck engines, will have even greater potential for future development.

PP Plastic Sheet

PP plastic, polypropylene, commonly known as "baijiao",Scientific name: polypropylene.


PP Plastic is a kind of semi crystalline material. It is more hard than PE and has a higher melting point. Due to the high crystallinity, the surface of the material stiffness and resistance to scratch characteristics very well. PP Plastic don't have the problem of environmental stress cracking.Polypropylene (PP Plastic) is a semi-crystalline thermoplastic.PP Plastichas high impact resistance, strong mechanical properties, resistance to many organic solvents and acid and alkali corrosion.

PP Plastic is widely used in industry and is one of the most common polymer materials.

Australian COINS are also made of polypropylene.

Polypropylene bonding:

K-720 is suitable for polypropylene PP plastic adhesion, suitable for large area plate lamination, high transparency, suitable for PP adhesion PP, PP adhesive PC, PP adhesive ABS,PP adhesive PVC, PP adhesive acrylic, PP sticky metal, PP stick wood.

K-7007 adhesion performance is roughly the same as k-720, light yellow and more economical.

K-620 is adhesive small area polypropylene PP glue, must be used with the k-650 treatment agent, the instant positioning, the strength is high.


1. Low density;

2. Heat resistance ;

3. Non deformation;

4. High stiffness;

5. High surface strength;

6. Good chemical stability;

7. Nontoxic and safe.


The main disadvantage of the fault polypropylene is that the high temperature rigidity is not enough, and the low temperature is brittle.

Poor environmental tolerance, outdoor use, easy to turn yellow and brittle.

Tensile strength of anisotropy, the products are easy to deform, continuous use of low temperature, high creep performance, and long - term load.

Poor printing performance.


1,Valve part, drinking water and sewage water pipe,

2,Sealing element, spraying carrier,

3,Corrosion-resistant trough and barrel, industrial applications that have acid and alkali-resistant requirement; wastewater and gas discharge equipment for industrial purpose,

4,Scrubbing tower, clean room, semiconductor plant and other related industrial equipment and machinery, food machinery and chopping board,

5,Electroplating process, toy part

Combustion characteristics: PP Plastic easy to burn, polypropylene from continue to burn after the fire, with the top of the flame is yellow, the bottom made in blue, with a small amount of smoke generated, burning melt dripping, and oil.

Specification: the thickness of PP sheet material can be produced from 0.3mm to 2mm, and the PP sheet material is of rolling material and width of 500-1000mm.

The thickness of the plate can be produced from 2mm to 200mm. The specification is 600*1200mm 1000*1000mm 1000* 2000mm. Other specifications can be customized as needed,and The diameter of the PP rod can be produced from 2mm to 250mm, the length is 1 meter, PP rod can be ordered to be more than 3 meters in length.

Color: white and black, other colors can be customized

Modified varieties: PP sheet have various enhancers and other auxiliaries can be added to make modified varieties, depending on the requirements

Storage methods:

Keep in tight, cool and dry place to ensure good ventilation

Product certification: most environmental certification reports and safety reports for raw materials, such as SGS report, CTI report, UL report, MSDS safety information, etc.

PP Plastic Sheet,Polypropylene Plastic Sheet,High Hardness PP Sheet,Non Deformation PP Sheet

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