The three cities listed on the same day, Dongfeng Kaipute ZD30 power car started Dongfeng light truck 2017 technology upgrades, product upgrades first shot!

On February 18, Dongfeng Capt. K6-ZD30 launched a new model launch event in Suzhou. At the same time, the launching ceremony of the model was also held in Hangzhou and Guangzhou. The release of the Dongfeng Capt. K6-ZD30 model is the first appearance of Dongfeng Light Trucks in 2017, which indicates that the Dongfeng Light Truck will have a new round of technology upgrades and product upgrades.

The first commercial vehicle network learned that Dongfeng light trucks had previously been equipped with the ZD30 engine in some models. So, where is the brand new Dongfeng Kaipute ZD30 power model?

Meet the national five emission power, configuration upgrade

It is reported that the Dongfeng Kaipute K6-ZD30 model released on the market is the first star model created by Dongfeng. Its ZD30 engine is derived from Nissan's NISSAN country's five powers. Based on the four engines of the original country, the company has performed various upgrades such as emissions, power, configuration and vehicle quality, and will become the main driving force of the Kepute series models in the future. .

In the aspect of emission upgrading, based on the advanced body design, the mainstream post-processing technology route is adopted to meet the national five emission requirements. For power upgrades, the rated power is increased by 7% to 110kW; the maximum torque is increased by 16% to 280-370Nm; the low-speed torque is increased by 32% to 245Nm. In terms of configuration upgrades, the air brake brake system was added to the entire system, and the WHTC certification was adopted to upgrade the large-flow pump to efficiently dissipate heat and increase the engine hood. These changes make the Dongfeng Kaipute ZD30 vehicle more dynamic, faster acceleration, and stronger load. The users of the on-site test drive have also stated that the performance of the model is really good, the engine noise is low, and it is very comfortable to open.

In addition, the Nissan NISSAN ZD30 Power + Fast Transmission + Dana Axle Powertrain can be said to be the guarantee of the quality of the Dongfeng Kaput K6-ZD30 model, which can better improve the transportation efficiency for users.

"The light truck market is fiercely competitive and more and more homogenized products. If we want to stand out in the current market competition, we must first seize the customer's core needs. Dongfeng Co., Ltd. has conducted an adequate market survey from the initial stage of the development of the Fifth National Product. And customer analysis, summarizing product and service differentiation in the development of new products.Dongfeng Kaipute ZD30 model is based on this to build the star model.The model uses the Nissan Nissan ZD30 power +Fast transmission +de Nashiqiao Technology Power Co., Ltd. is the biggest selling point difference between the Capt. ZD30 and the competing products from the product dimension. Deng Jun, Chief Executive Officer of Dongfeng Light Commercial Vehicle Marketing Co., Ltd., said in an interview.

Based on the advantages of these products, this model is hailed as "the preferred vehicle for urban professional logistics." According to reports, Dongfeng Kaipute K6-ZD30 models are lighter than competing products, light weight 360 kilograms, more than one cubic meter in volume, not only fuel-efficient, but also multi-pull goods. It is roughly estimated that using Dongfeng Capt. K6-ZD30 models can help users earn 30960 yuan more every year.

Service Upgrade Layout segmentation to achieve market breakthrough

Not only has there been new upgrades in product technology, Dongfeng Light Vehicles has also launched new initiatives and strategic plans in terms of service and market breakthroughs. In the future, Dongfeng Capt. K6-ZD30 will be deployed in a variety of market segments such as refrigerated trucks, vaccine vehicles, postal vehicles, flatbed vehicles, and livestock and poultry vehicles to provide users with diversified options. It is understood that for the eight sub-sectors, the product line announcement of the vehicle is complete, which can meet the transportation needs of different logistics companies.

It is worth mentioning that while Dongfeng Capt. K6-ZD30 models were on the market, Dongfeng Light Trucks launched five upgrade strategies for service areas. Among them, including the "longest parts of the engine warranty period of four years 1.5 million kilometers, the longest parts of the gearbox warranty period of 18 months unlimited mileage, the longest parts of the axle warranty period of 24 months unlimited mileage" long warranty service. In addition, when the engine needs to be opened for maintenance within 20,000 kilometers a year, the engine can be replaced with a service that can directly replace the cylinder head; for a gearbox and axle, the user is within 3 months of buying a car. The failure to open the lid for maintenance can be enjoyed without the need for an out-of-box direct replacement assembly.

In terms of market expansion, Deng Jun said, “In 2017, we will focus our efforts on 'focusing on customer's enhancement of quality', focus on customer-centricity, implement a comprehensive quality improvement strategy, and strive to enhance the power of merchandise, brand, network, and management. We will strive to become a leading, lighter commercial vehicle company that will become a leader in customer experience. At the market level, in 2017, we will expand from consumer credit, marketing, network promotion, marketing promotion, service promotion, and specialization. Cars and large customer strategy work, standing on the customer's point of view, to provide customers with better car purchase, car solutions."

In order to better promote the products, in the next month, Dongfeng will also hold more than 30 new Kappo K6-ZD30 models listed in the country. At the same time, in 2017, the NISSAN ZD30 engine on the Dongfeng Capt. K6-ZD30 will be fully equipped with Dongfeng Light Trucks' five products, with a competitive advantage of “leading technology, high efficiency and reliability”, which will bring new, efficient and safe to users. Driving experience.

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