The operation of steel and metallurgy iron and steel metallurgical universal testing machines is getting longer and longer, and the wear and damage of steel and metallurgy universal testing machines is also increasing day by day. In addition to natural wear, some spare parts are accelerated due to the poor operating conditions of the equipment. Worn and damaged. If the normal maintenance and support of the testing machine cannot be stopped normally, the technical performance of the equipment will be reduced, thereby reducing the experimental accuracy. Improving the integrity of equipment, ensuring that the quality of the testing machine does not decline, smoothing the consumption, and reducing losses caused by improper maintenance all further illustrate how important the maintenance of the testing machine is.
1, before the boot should be smooth according to the rules of the smooth part and smooth way to stop
2. It is not allowed to bend large diameter steel bars with small diameter tools
3, by the understanding of the structure of the test machine professionals stop disassembly
4. After each experiment, the test platform lands. It is better that the piston does not fall on the bottom of the cylinder. Leave a little space for the next use.
5. All the valves on the dynamometer should not be opened and placed to prevent dust from entering the interior and affect the flexible performance of the measuring agency.
6. When the testing machine is decommissioned for a long period of time, anti-rust oil should be applied to the work surface and stored in the boring central area.
7, to adhere to the test machine cleaning
8, may not be charged with dismantling electrical appliances, or easy to damage the electronic originals
9, test machine shell should be firmly grounded
10. During the experiment, discontinuous operation shall be prevented, otherwise it will affect the operational life of the equipment as much as possible at one time and reduce the number of jogging times.
11. All parts of steel and metallurgy universal testing machines should be wiped and cleaned regularly. Attention should be paid during the rainy season. When not in use, cover with a dust cover to avoid dust intrusion.
12. When the experiment is paused, the pump motor should be turned off.
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To meet the needs of national industrial development, the company has been devoted to the research and development of fluorite mica and its products in 2004. The product is a new material with high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, low dielectric loss, high volume resistivity, absorption of multi band beam and good transmittance of light. It is transparent, separable, elastic, aging and fragile. It is mainly used in the working environment of electric insulation, neutron test, high frequency medium, high temperature vacuum, high temperature and high pressure, strong acid and strong alkali. It can be used as a substitute for low performance materials such as polytetrafluoroethylene, natural mica and quartz glass.

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