Imports of Hyundai Motors are on the market. Subaru's imports this year have increased by 89.9%. Imports of BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Lexus have achieved the top three sales in the first half of the year. Imports of imported Volkswagen fell by 63.3%, almost falling out of the top ten. The Land Rover 4S store is still sprinting at the end of the month with sales exceeding 100%. The Shengbaode Group, which is the main importer of parallel imports, has sold an imported Range Rover and a Cayenne in minutes...

What are the puzzles behind the contrast of the living conditions of importers? Phoenix Motors conducted a survey of more than ten import distributors in Beijing. The results showed that the influence of traditional factors such as brand, product introduction and channel layout has become increasingly prominent. In addition, parallel import channels are quietly entering the homes of ordinary people. The car has smelled gunpowder...
4S shop staged ice and fire two days Although it is a working day, the popularity of 4S shops such as BMW, Lexus, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz and Subaru visited by Phoenix Motor is still very popular, especially in BMW 4S shop, the sales manager is almost always without customers. It is obvious that the customer is mainly in the family.
In the face of the author's question about pin-and-pin type, a salesperson at a BMW 4S store in Lianshi Road, Beijing said: “Although the current sales of BMW are very good, if there is no support for after-sales service, the new car sales business alone is not enough. We have achieved good results." In addition, I also said that "Imported Hyundai as a low-end brand, dealers have poor profitability and high pressure can be imagined." According to the statistics of SINOMAC, BMW's import volume growth this year reached 10 %, the first half of the year, the import sales ranked first in the industry.

BMW's domestic and imported cars are more respected. In the Mercedes-Benz 4S store of the Baideli Group, there are no fewer users who come to see the car, and the age is basically too large. For the good market performance of imported Mercedes-Benz in the first half of this year, its 4S shop staff analyzed that it is mainly a combination of Mercedes-Benz's high-end brand image, second-hand car value, and imported models, which prompted the sales of Mercedes-Benz to increase significantly.
Some people laughed and some were crying. Compared with these popular brands, the imported public, Kia, and Hyundai are much more deserted. Imported modern dealers have made it clear that due to the localization of sales of 80% in the past, the 4S shop has no cars to sell. The phenomenon of large inventory pressure and huge losses is not only a modern case. The imported Volkswagen models are still cool, the Beatles and other models are not enough to support the market and seek benefits. However, it is understood that Volkswagen will import the imported Tiguan at the end of the year, which is expected to be imported. The public adds momentum. Imported Kia is a low-end brand. Facing the current pressure of survival, it is expected that Niro, a new hybrid SUV, is expected to be introduced into the Chinese market in October this year. Together with the import of K7, whether new products can bring hope to niche brands. It is worth looking forward to.
Domestic, imported "poison"?
"The manufacturer is definitely pursuing profit maximization. The 5 series has imported and domestic. In order to pursue profit, the 4S shop is definitely pushing the domestic 5 series." The female car salesman once worked in the BMW 4S shop and has now moved to Subaru. .
"As the main sales, it is recommended to ride the Range Aurora, find the gods (Chery Jaguar Land Rover), the import Range Rover (including the sports version) monthly sales of about 90." Beijing Luguangying Land Rover 4S shop market information department Lu surname told the Phoenix Cars, obviously this is also in the pursuit of profit maximization.
When the localized models and imported models are connected to the grid, the above-mentioned BMW and Land Rover practices are routine. Although imported models can also grow in volume, their growth is slightly insufficient compared to brands that have not yet been sold in independent domestic channels.

The scheduled exhibition car in the Subaru 4S store. Lexus and Subaru are not yet domestically produced. During the visit, Phoenix Motors found that Subaru not only did not have a stock car, but even the exhibition car of the exhibition hall was scheduled. "It is impossible to make it domestically, it will not be made in China. We are affiliated with the group. The relationship with the manufacturer and the profitability are very good. The forester and the Outback are the current best-selling models." The female salesperson deliberately emphasized that Subaru will not be made in China; and Lexus will be in the first half of this year. Relying on ES, NX, RX and other popular models, the sales volume reached 46,200 units, a year-on-year increase of 27%. This market performance is evident from the hot atmosphere of its 4S stores.
On the one hand, it is a model that has been localized, and on the other hand, it is a brand that has not yet been domestically produced. Is the localization really a nemesis or poison for imported cars? Xue Kepeng, a professor at the School of Civil and Commercial Economics of China University of Political Science and Law, said: "The adjustment of the manufacturer's strategy will increase the number of localized models. Which one is cheaper and which one is better, consumers will choose which one. Consumers do not buy imported cars, they may buy domestically. The car, but the total amount of the manufacturer's revenue must increase. This situation is easy to go into the distribution chain, the localized models and imported models have grid-connected sales, but also choose independent channels, the balance point is not good. If it is, it will easily lead to losses for import distributors."
"Parallel import" is blooming in Beijing. The Shengdebao Group, which is located in Laiguangying, is mainly engaged in parallel import business. It is also the only parallel importer with 4S mode in Beijing market. Recently, it has just arrived at a new car in the store, just in Phoenix. Within a few minutes of the car’s stop in the exhibition hall, I heard a Land Rover and a Cayenne picking up the car. "The parallel imported car has a short cycle, low price and personalized customization. Many customers choose this channel. It is only for parallel imported cars that users need to buy a separate warranty. This is slowly being recognized." Sheng Debao Exhibition Hall The staff told Phoenix Motors.
In this regard, Land Rover 4S store marketing staff said that usually customers will ask parallel imports, but currently have not felt the impact of parallel imports on 4S stores. Despite this, some forward-looking auto trading groups, such as the huge, have begun to engage in parallel import business.
From January to June, the import of automobiles was 421,000, down 9.35% year-on-year. This was called by Wang Cun, the marketing department of SINOMACH, the market performance closest to real consumer demand. Among them, about 11% of the market share is occupied by parallel imports. It is reported that for parallel imported models, mainly large SUVs. Among them, the Toyota Prado 2700 with the highest import volume, of which 8,572 are parallel imports, and the normal import volume is 2,235, the ratio is close to 8:2. Ranked second is the Prado 4000, which is close to the Prado 2700 in terms of total imports and proportions. In addition, Land Rover Ranger Rover/Sport, Mercedes-Benz GL450, Audi Q7, BMW X5, Ford EXPORRER/MUSTANG, etc., are also a large number of parallel imported cars, but the number is thousands, usually hundreds.
The data shows that the market growth rate of the imported car market in the first half of this year fell by 9.35%, while the number of parallel imported cars increased by 55,000. The parallel import era has arrived...

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