Not long ago, I saw a report on the construction of the Tianjin subway star site. The news media used the word green to describe it. In the past, the construction site was filled with dust and no worker was able to keep it tidy after one day's work. However, this star site in Tianjin has broken people's daily impressions. According to the person in charge of the site, the construction site has adopted the concept of environmental protection throughout the entire construction process and implemented a dual input of “soft and hard.” In terms of hardware, the construction site used the sprinkler trucks for continuous dust removal throughout the day, which gave it a reputation as a “green” site.


This report allows us to understand the dust removal skills of the site sprinkler. However, the site sprinkler is far more than this skill.

First, the site dusting skills of sprinklers . Dust generation will occur more or less in various construction sites. The long-term exposure of workers to dust on the site will adversely affect the lungs. The cumulative effect of these effects will be on construction workers and other health problems, especially lung diseases, causing work-specific diseases. If industrial and mining enterprises work on the site, former workers often suffer from tuberculosis. At the same time, the construction site uses the site sprinkler to remove dust. In some closed temporary workshops, mechanically generated sparks can be avoided to ignite a dusty environment with a certain concentration.

Second, site cooling sprinkler cooling function. When working on the construction site in the summer, because there are some building materials such as steel and concrete with relatively low heat capacity, the heat is absorbed very quickly. And the heat generated by large-scale machinery operations is also very high. In this way, the temperature of the construction site may cause construction workers to faint heat stroke, etc., and some building materials will change in nature when the temperature is high, and some machines will lose their operating performance due to overheating. Therefore, the use of construction sprinklers not only reduces the temperature in the surrounding environment, ensures the safety of personnel, but also facilitates the stable operation of machinery.

Third, other features of the site sprinkler . When a fire occurs on site, the site sprinkler can be used as an emergency before the arrival of a fire truck. At the same time, when the gushing water occurs on the construction site, it can be used as a temporary pumping device.

In short, the construction site sprinkler is a green industry environment and a tool for workers to create a comfortable working environment. In the modern construction site, more hardware facilities such as site sprinklers should be equipped to enable the construction site to be safely and orderly and environmentally friendly.

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