First, the selection of plots to raise seedlings to choose the terrain Gaozao, drainage and irrigation facilities, soil fertility, good permeability of the land, most bogey continuation of land or on the same species of vegetables grown on the land plot, so as not to cause soil-borne diseases, And avoid bogey seedlings in the ground where serious pests occur. After selecting the plots, a fully decomposed farmyard manure should be applied as the base fertilizer. According to the specific varieties of vegetables, an appropriate amount of ternary compound fertilizer and a small amount of trace fertilizers should be added, and shallow plowing should be performed once.

Second, to prevent high temperature For lettuce, celery and other vegetable seeds difficult to germinate, seeds can be soaked for 8 hours with wet gauze, put in deep wells or cold place, germination, or low temperature treatment, celery 2-5 °C 48 hours , lettuce for 5 hours 72 hours, can promote germination and increase germination rate. You can also sprinkle some crushed wheat straw on the seedbed or cover the seedbed with a shade net.

Third, to prevent virus disease Vegetable virus disease occurs under high temperature conditions, in addition to the above-mentioned nursery facilities, can also be used 10% trisodium phosphate solution eggplant, tomato seeds for 10 minutes, and then rinse with water. Can also be used to vaccinate tomatoes with attenuated vaccines, select anti-virus varieties, use nylon net yarn to prevent warts, use silver-gray film to avoid warts, and timely prevention and other technical measures.

Fourth, to prevent heavy rain should choose Gaosao plots to build seedbeds, vulnerable areas should be selected stormy sandy loam seedlings, seedbeds around to be unobstructed, the use of temporary cover film and other temporary cover to shelter from heavy rain, after sowing in case of heavy rain, after the rain to Shallow cultivating once, to prevent eel panel knots, affecting sprouting.

Fifth, to prevent drought generally should be poured foot water, and then soil preparation, sowing seeding, sowing after the cover soil repression. For vegetable seeds that are weak in germination, such as alfalfa, lettuce, celery, etc., they can be covered with weeds, corn leaves, newspapers, and other shades (removed promptly after emergence). When the seedbed is in drought, sprayers are used in the morning or evening. Spray water on the seedbed to increase the humidity on the surface, which will help the seeds germinate.

Sixth, to prevent leggy summer nursery, it is easy to cause seedlings growers, and to take measures to control the growth. Timely seedlings or seedlings, for cucumber, tomato can be sprayed with ethephon to control the seedlings, tomato in the five-leaf, seven-leaf period with 40-50% of chlorpyrifos 1000 times each spray, can make seedlings thick, leaf color Dark green, thick leaves, and promote flower bud differentiation. Wang Hu

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