The technical staff of Liaohe Oilfield Company Shuguang Refinery Technology Research Institute made technical improvements and made breakthroughs in the small pump which is hailed as the old heart "heart". The improved small pump deep pumping technology in pumping wells "blood for liquid" ability greatly enhanced. As of June 20, the technology implementation of 34 wells on the scene, a total of 3,658 tons of oil.

In order to further enhance the production of deep wells, the research team of Shuguang Refinery Technology Research Institute has started to make technical improvements on deep pumped deep pump with a diameter of 32 mm since 2006. The improvement mainly manifests in two aspects. First, The structure is improved. The technicians design the pump diameter of 32mm to 38mm long-stroke pump, which obviously enhances the capacity of the pump and improves the pump efficiency. The second is to solve the problem of sucker rod partial grinding serious problem, the research group of the Research Institute of some of the stubborn partial wear of the oil well, take the tube rotator program to ease the degree of partial wear, through the test results.

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