According to Business Wire, the world's sewing machine and accessories industry leader, Singer, announced that it will launch a new SingerInspiration (TM) sewing machine worldwide. Winners brings together the experience and wisdom of thousands of sewing beginners around the world, and introduces the highest level of technology, easy to use, affordable, and dynamic sewing machine products to stimulate the enthusiasm of beginners, making sewing a breeze. Sewing technology is reviving globally, and sewing beginners can now purchase this completely consumer-focused product from major retail chains and sewing machine dealers around the world.

The Singer Global Survey found that many advanced sewing machines on the market are daunting for beginners. Beginners just want to get familiar with the machine quickly and get started as soon as possible.

DonFletcher, CEO of SVP Worldwide, the parent company of Shengjia, commented: “Young beginners are the largest consumer group in the sewing machine market. When the first to intermediate sewing creators first purchase, they want an easy to use, reliable, affordable and style. Beautiful products. The singer-inspired series fully meets the needs of consumers, providing the brands they trust, the functions they need and the affordable prices.” The singer-inspired sewing machine eliminates the usual use of sewing machines for beginners. Problem: threading, installing the bobbin and lack of light. To solve these problems, Singer has developed NoError Threading (TM) (anti-missing thread design), SureFit Bobbin (TM) (reliable bobbin design) and StayBright LED (TM) (LED lighting design), and applied to each Taisheng’s inspiration inspired the series on the sewing machine.

BradHunsaker, vice president of global sales and promotion at SVP Worldwide, said: "The singer-inspired series of sewing machines are based on the most extensive market research conducted by Singer in the world. The survey shows that consumers want a time-honored and "winning" The home features products with traditional characteristics. The singer-inspired inspiration series is a neat, intuitive and convenient product that inspires users. "

Winners listened to the feedback from consumers and created a product with the feminine lines that are unique to SINGER(R)'s original products. Although all-white is still the main choice for respondents, the design of color is clearly a subtle but important factor. In addition, the machine functions are marked with text and global symbols, and the "relief" singer logo is redesigned to reflect the epoch of the singer-inspired series. Consumers can go to local retailers to experience new products.

About Shengjia: Founded in 1851, Shengjia is the world's leading manufacturer of household and industrial sewing machines. Today, Singer has been widely distributed all over the world. Singer has two manufacturing centers in Brazil and China, 10 overseas promotion centers and third-party sales networks in 190 countries and regions. Singer has a long tradition of innovation in the sewing machine industry and invented numerous major technological innovations. In 1921, the world's first portable sewing machine was produced. In 1978, the first computer-controlled sewing machine was built.

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