In the next two years, 32 major LNG (liquefied natural gas) gas stations and two LNG ship filling terminals (Cangzhou and Yibin) will be deployed in major logistics parks in Sichuan Province, and 4000-6000 LNG heavy trucks will be promoted. This was revealed at the Green Logistics and New Energy Purchase Conference held in Chengdu on November 22.

The Sichuan Provincial Government Logistics Office revealed that it will give priority to the layout of major logistics parks in 11 pilot cities on six routes including Northern Sichuan, Northeast Sichuan, Eastern Sichuan, Southeastern Sichuan, Southern Sichuan and Western Sichuan, and construction of LNG filling stations and ship filling docks. .

Joint truck LNG slag truck that has already opened in Chengdu

LNG heavy trucks are more expensive than conventional petrol and diesel heavy trucks, which cost more than 70,000 yuan. However, fuel costs have to be saved. Calculated on the basis of operating 120,000 kilometers per year, LNG heavy trucks can save 140,000 yuan in fuel costs compared to traditional gasoline and diesel. In addition, the PM2.5 emissions from heavy trucks are 90% lower than traditional gasoline and diesel heavy trucks.


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