At present, China has become the largest fastener producer in the world, but it has always faced claims arising from quality problems. There is a big case in which the quality of finished fasteners causes quality problems due to the quality of steel. In part, China's fastener steel still needs to expand its production under the premise of meeting strict quality standards.

Fasteners, as the connectors for the mainframe and the components, together with the host, assume the basic performance of the main body and the basic functions of the components. In recent years, domestic fastener companies have been claimed by customers because of the quality of their products. In these incidents, they were largely due to the use of fastener steel.

At present, there are about 40,000 varieties and millions of fasteners of various sizes at home and abroad. Their usage and environment are even more varied. Many performance and quality indicators of fasteners are provided by the base metal.

This is a very large number of commodity fasteners that are generally required due to the application of advanced technologies, such as the application of high-speed cold heading and fully automatic continuous heat treatment production lines, as well as the hardness and chemical composition mass fraction of the bar for raw material cold heading. The uniformity of the raw material properties of the raw material has higher requirements.

The specifications of cold heading steel are relatively small and cannot meet the current domestic demand for fastener production and the demand for exports. In the production and market circulation of cold heading steel, a large number of steel grades in the JIS standard g3506, g3507, g4105, and US astam are also heavily borrowed."

Although China is currently a major producer of fasteners and the world’s largest producer of steel, the development of fastener steel has started late. In this regard, in addition to strengthening innovative R&D, domestic fastener steel manufacturers need to expand their production capacity under the premise of ensuring quality.


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